Home Insurance Claims in Florida: Silas Construction & Development

Home Insurance Claims Port St Lucie RenovationIf you’ve experienced any of the below issues within your home, contact Silas Construction & Development immediately.

We can help remediate the problem quickly while working with your insurance company for the best possible outcome for you and your home.

-Burst Washing Machine Hose
-Slow Leaks Around Tub/Shower Grout & Edges
-Toilet Seal Leaks
-Refrigerator Water-Supply Line Leaks
-Hot Water Tank Leaks
-Electrical Cord Fires
-Unattended Cooking or Candle Fires
-Roof Leaks from Storms
-AC Line Backup
-Window Leaks

When you experience water damage, fire damage, environmental (tornadoes, hurricane and storm damage), it can be devastating. We have assisted many customers through all types of insurance claims, including fire, water, environmental, and even mold damage as a result of water damage. We become your voice and review the claims with the insurance company and adjuster and compare it to what’s actually needed to fix your home properly.

To learn more about Home Insurance Claims, read i-Can’s blog article Frequently Asked Questions about Home Insurance Claims:¬†http://www.ican2000.com/ussethome.html

To learn more about how our company can help, please contact us today through our website or call us at 772-260-0374.

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